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Staff Directory 2018-19


Harris, Dr. Shauna (310) 635-2715 Principal

Assistant Principals

Clarke, Christopher (310) 635-2715 Assistant Principal
Santana, Carlos (310) 635-2715 Assistant Principal

Support Staff

Bravo, Nancy (310) 635-2715 ex.66248/66249 Community Relations Specialist
Destura, Yolanda (310) 635-2715 ex.66289 Teacher-Librarian
Diaz, M. (310) 635-2715 ex.66247 Clinical Social Worker
Frost, Nadine (310) 635-2715 ex.42817 Nurse Assistant
Pride, Fernandis (310) 635-2715 ex.42816 Deputy Probation Officer II
Smith, Jacqueline (310) 635-2715 ex.66311 School Psychologist
Stewart, Anita (310) 635-2715 Cafeteria Manager


Briceno, Maria (310) 635-2715 ex.66216 9th/10th Grade Counselor
Cao, Kim (310) 635-2715 ex.42815 9th/12th Grade Counselor
Shabazz, Moyofune Deas (310) 635-2715 ex.66212 9th/11th Grade Counselor

Clerical Staff

Antoine, Tonya (310) 635-2715 ex.66203 Attendance Clerk
Balila, Ruth (310) 635-2715 ex.66289 Library Aide Clerk
Becerra, Christina (310) 635-2715 ex.66211 Discipline/Office Clerk
Borthwell, George (310) 635-2715 ex.66285 Boys' Locker Room Attendant
Brown, Bridget (310) 635-2715 ex.66202 School Secretary
De La Cruz, Lourdes (310) 635-2715 ex.66252 Special Projects
Figueroa, Evelyn (310) 635-2715 ex.66213 Counseling Clerk
James, Stephanie (310) 635-2715 ex.66210 Records Clerk
Lawrence, Carolyn (310) 635-2715 ex.42813 Locker Room Attendant
Mallard, Stephanie (310) 635-2715 ex.66201 Attendance Clerk
Rogers, Rosalyn (310) 635-2715 ex.42823 Guidance Specialist
Thomas, Tanya (310) 635-2715 ex.66205 Athletics/Activities Clerk
Urena, Maribel (310) 635-2715 ex.66213 Counseling Clerk
Woods, Lesa (310) 635-2715 ex.66279 Textbook Clerk

College Advisors/Career Center

Smith, Sharqaua (310) 635-2715 ex.66213 USC College Advisor
Williams, Renee (310) 635-2715 ex.66309 Counselor


Addison, Lucy (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Brooks, Kiana (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Capers, Jasmyn (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Chavez, Monica (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Chukwurah, Ike (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Delfin, Swmer (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Drayton, Rosalina (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Elie, Miesha (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Gatus, Roni (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Gibbs, Arlene (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Gonzalez, Alma (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Huggins, Tiffany (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Hurley, Alma (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
McNeil, Ashley (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Medina, Margarita (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Moctezuma, Regina (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Ooten, Ania (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Penland, Rochelle (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Salazar, Maria (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Shelat, Varsha (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Shields, Helen (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Teague, Kiera (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional
Tejeda, Rainieri (310) 635-2715 Paraeducator
Willis, Jamesetta (310) 635-2715 Paraprofessional

Plant Staff

Fields, Damon (310) 635-2715 Plant Manager
Mason, Dynasty (310) 635-2715 Plant Worker
Robinson, Kenard (310) 635-2715 Plant Worker
Robinson, Trayvion (310) 635-2715 Plant Worker
Washington, Forrest (310) 635-2715 Plant Worker


Alas, Edgar
Alexander, George
Education Specialist for Moderate to Severe Students
Alloh, Jones
Arnold, Yvette
ELA Teacher
Barnes, Kevin
ELA Teacher
Baslee, Michael
Social Science Teacher
Batstone, Erin
ELA Teacher
Castaneda, Manuel
Music Director
Cormier, Robert
Social Science Teacher
Cortez, Erlinda
Flores, Patricia
Foster, Sean
ELA Teacher
Grant, Jeannette
Grossi, Sarah
Science Teacher
Hammond, Paula
ROP/CTE Teacher
Hanna, Magde
Math, Teacher
Heard, Corry
Social Science Teacher
Higgins, Kyle
Science Teacher
Holocwan, Pablo
Johnson, Michael
P.E. Teacher
Khushalani, Sumeet
ELA Teacher
Leonard, Adam
Lipkins, Cynthia
ROP/CTE Teacher
Luna, George
McAfee, Angela
McCoy, Maureen
Spanish Teacher
Miller, Martin
Moore, Rigo
Math, Teacher
Munley, Sean
Art Teacher
Nkemnji, Michael
ELA Teacher
Nyaggah, James
Math, Teacher
Osaji, Celestina
Science Teacher
Perez, Jaime
Pinedo, Adrian
Puckett, Jamie
ROP/CTE Teacher
Pula, Emo
Quijada, Leonarda
Science Teacher
Ramirez, Mariano
Social Science Teacher
Rangel, Victor
Spanish Teacher
Resula, Carmelita
Rose, Nikita
ELA Teacher
Santos, Cindy
Smith, Yvonne
Science Teacher
Stephens, Michael
P.E. Teacher
Stewart, Louis
Athletic Director
Swain, Ruffin
Math Teacher
Te, Hawk
Math Teacher
Toney-Mason, La Drina
Watkins, Tommie
Whang, Jacqulyn

Centennial Cesar Chavez Office

McCoy, Michelle
Lead Teacher
Williams, Renee
Bautista, Juan
Eash, Mindy
Ufondu, Paulinus
Uyalor, Peter