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Parents Center

Parent Involvement is Always Needed

The Parent Center is…

  • designed for parents to have a place to meet and carry out the operational procedures of the school.

  • provides space to have activities and classes as requested through the Parent Survey.

  • located in Room 53/54 providing access to and from the campus through the main entrance in Central Avenue, therefore allowing easy accessibility to parents and parent volunteers.


The following activities are provided in the Center:

  1. Parent volunteer meetings to receive assignments for the day

  2. Parent information is available on community services in the area

  3. Parenting classes to assist in the development of positive parenting skills.

  4. Parent classes to help with homework, understanding content standards, state and local tests, graduation requirements and other school related activities and topics.

  5. Parenting classes to develop skills using the computer and the internet, arts and crafts, knitting and crocheting.

  6. Parent field trips and conferences which providing them with learning opportunities to share with their children.


Parent training and educational classes are offered to provide skill training and necessary knowledge to enable parent opportunities to hone their parenting skills and successfully participate in their various roles of committee members and educational liaisons to our community. Parenting workshops cover many topics including, but not limited to, discipline, homework help, how to improve study skills, positive self-talk and images, School Site Council, English Language Advisory Council and School Advisory Council training. All meetings are hosted in both English and Spanish when necessary. The Parent Center also publishes a monthly newsletter and provides the venue to host monthly Council, Coffee with the Principal.


Parent Center Quick Links

Parent Center Staff
Contact Nancy Bravo  Nancy Bravo (310) 635-2715 ex: 66248/66249 Community Relations Specialist