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Vision, Mission, Goals, & SLO

Vision Statement

Centennial High School will empower students with the necessary tools to pursue and succeed in post-secondary education and careers in order to compete in a global society.

Mission Statement

Goals for Centennial High SCHOOL

  1. All teachers and support staff will increase instructional rigor in all classrooms to improve student achievement.
  2. Centennial High School stakeholders will fully implement a school-wide positive behavior plan to improve student academic and personal development.
  3. Centennial High School stakeholders will continue to consistently integrate strategies to increase school-wide literacy and numeracy to improve student achievement.

SLO (Student Learning Outcomes)

Centennial made the shift from Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs) to Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) in the 2014-2015 school year. The SLOs express the goals based on Centennial's core belief that all students can be successful assets to society. Revisions began to the SLOs in 2016 with input from teachers, students, staff and parents. Centennial Stakeholders believed it was time to revamp the SLOs to reflect the current climate of the school; resulting in Centennial's current SLOs. 

     The SLOs represent important outcomes for all students in pursuing both college and career opportunities. Together with the vision and mission, these statements reflect a high level of expectations for student excellence, habits of mind, and personal accountability. They reflect appropriate expectations for college-readiness and the more technically demanding career opportunities that are the hallmark of a 21st century economy. The SLOs also reflect the values of the school community. 

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

We at Centennial High School believe that in order for students to be college and career ready they must:

Acquire Knowledge and participate in activities that support and develop habits of mind for respectful participation in our democracy and the global society.

Produce evidence of academic proficiency and personal accountability in collaboration with peers and teachers, as well as with community partners.

Apply critical thinking skills for problem solving and decision making, resulting in intellectual independence that is grounded in integrity.

Communicate effectively to convey and receive information in written, verbal, technical and non-linguistic forms.

Honor the local community's legacy of dignity by using the democratic process to support equity and justice.

Engage in opportunities to explore the interrelationship of math, science, and technology to develop relevant skills for the 21st Century economy.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes en Español

Nosotros en la Escuela Preparatoria Centennial creemos que para que los estudiantes estén listos para el colegio y una carrera ellos deben:

Adquirir conocimiento y participar en actividades que apoyen el desarrollo de nuevas ideas e invenciones que formen un futuro esfuerzo y hacer una diferencia dentro de una comunidad global.

Producir evidencia de la habilidad académica que permita a estudiantes tener acceso y aplicar la información que maximice las habilidades y competir en una sociedad que evolucione en tecnología.

Aplicar la resolución de problemas y pensamiento lógico para tomar decisiones informadas.

Comunicarse efectivamente para transmitir y recibir información por escrito, oral, y en situaciones técnicas con gente de diversos antecedentes.

Honorar un legado digno de la comunidad local al utilizar el proceso democrático para apoyar la igualdad y justicia.

E incorporarse en oportunidades para explorar una educación pos-secundaria y carreas por seguir.